So welcome to my blog…

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I’m Kirsty, 17 years old, I enjoy Art Journaling, Sports, playing the Piano and Flute,  SHOPPING, going out and watching lots of films. Sound pretty normal, Huh?

Well now I’ll tell you a bit about my recent experiences…

Here I go….Late last year I got diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.

Yes, yes I know what some of you are thinking, “she’s mad, mental, why don’t you just eat and stop being stupid”.

See this is the harsh stigma that surrounds what I can only explain as a cruel illness that suffocates its sufferers in guilt, shame and rigid routines.

Anyway I could sit here and explain to you what exactly it feels like to be controlled by Anorexia but instead I will just mention the damage it did to me.

On March 5th 2016 I got admitted to Luton and Dunstable high dependency children’s ward with a heart rate reaching as low as 33 bpm, hypothermia, breathing that would stop during the night and to top it all off the inability to walk.

Now you’ve heard this some of you might start taking me seriously. Especially with physical health being much easier to understand!

After two weeks of bed rest and care in the general ward my condition was only worsening and the doctors told me I would have to go Inpatient at an Eating Disorders Unit. I remember the fear of being told this.

Not knowing what to expect images of locked doors, crazy patients and screaming came flooding into my head!

Yes in a away I had stigma towards mental illness too – influenced by scare stories I’ve read in the News and seen on TV…

But luckily it was nothing like I imagined!

In these last few months I’ve spent in Huntercombe Hospital Cotswold Spa I have met some of the most amazing people from all backgrounds with similar struggles and started my long journey to recovery!

My blog is going to follow some of my greatest achievements, battles and just share general awareness for this often misunderstood disorder. And if I can inspire even just one person to reach out for help then that is good enough for me! Please look out for my future posts and I hope you enjoy reading!!