Our Future Minds. 

Today I was told; ” I don’t think you should share about your mental illness, your not ‘fixed’ anyway”
…So instead I’m going to tell you I may never be ‘fixed’ but I’m not going to hide behind it. You should be happy, by sharing my story it takes away some of my illness’ power. It gives a purpose to the daily battle when things people take for granted l sometimes find almost impossible to complete.

You wouldn’t hide me away if I had a broken arm or leg. Instead your adding to the stigma…but I’m breaking it faster. 

✅Prince Harry – successful

✅Demi Lovato – successful

✅Charles Darwin – successful

✅Angelina Jolie – successful

All of these are sufferers of Mental Illness. Does this make them any less successful? Should they be hidden away and told not to share there story. SIMPLY the answer is NO. 

Ony a few weeks ago I was given the amazing oppurtunity to go to the ‘Our Future Minds’ conference in London with five others from around my local area and my CAMHS participation worker. 

The day was amazing, people from all over the country came down to meet and discuss what the future mental health work force should look like and how we can improve this in education. There was a selfie competition, plenty of pizza, social media streaming, Art and lots of disussions. 

I was shocked at the number of people that came from all different stories, backgrounds and parts of the country. Everyones had willingness to speak openly, knowing it was to benefit others and overall we all believed things still need to be improved. 

Its amazing how the way mental health is treated and educated across the country is so contrasting. With some stopped from attending sixth form, others who had fallen off radar completely when it comes to any education ( despite education being a human right) compared to others that had been welcomed with plenty of support? 

A postcode lottery where odds need to be changed in favour of ‘everyone’…and with almost all of us attending the conference wanting to pursue a carreer in the heathcare sector I hope this is something we can go on to do!

People ask me “do you wish you never had a mental illness?” my answer is always NO – with days like this adding to my many reasons. I mean its unpredicatble, the bad days are terrible and something I would never wish upon my worst enemy. But as cliche as it sounds its made me who I am today and the oppurtunities I have been given one of the things that keeps me going… 

Maybe the positives, the courage, and the fight needed to survive mental illness has helped to empower me further?… who knows? But whatever happens I am never hiding away, I will stand strong against stigma!