New Years Resolutions…more harm than good?

Well Hello 2017,                                                                                                                         page 1 of 365

As I shut the chapter of 2016 I find myself reflecting on this year as a whole. Its been filled with plenty of highs and lows, successes and learning points but introspectively I have certainly discovered a lot about both myself and indeed others.

You see we are all in a state of constant growth, be it physical, mental or spiritual. And with yet another NEW YEAR setting in it brings yet more opportunities. In this post I thought I’d focus with a strong topic of conversation at the moment… New Years Resolutions.

As many attempt these today some will find they will last till February whereas others only all of a few days. I mean setting a goal too last a whole year, yet hasn’t been achieved in the previous is pretty hard going…. And leaves me questioning is it really worth it?

Personally, I have not made a New Years resolution this year because in the past I hated how they made me feel when I “couldn’t” live up-to my own high standards. I mean for starters, they were always unbelievably unrealistic and sometimes even became obsessively unhealthy.

It has taken me many years to reach this conclusion and realise that these ‘resolutions’ have actually caused me more problems than help. This is why instead I have decided this year I will devise three alternative promises to myself.

1) “I promise to Love Myself no matter what.”

We cannot truly enjoy happiness if we are not at peace with ourself. Our relationship with ourself is the most important one we’ll ever have, and is the one which allows us to be there for others and be appreciated as the person we truly are.

2) “I promise to Let Go of any and all negativity IN me and around me.”

To let go of negativity means to let go of all that is holding you back from emerging into your truest self. You must let go of past pain through realising it has only made you stronger. You must let go of toxic relationships that are preventing you from being who you are. You must let go of fear by facing personal challenges. You must let go of limiting beliefs by opening your mind to learning. You must let go of bad habits by replacing them with positive alternative. You must let go of self judgement by loving yourself. You must let go of sadness by adding a conscious dash of happiness in your life. You must let go of all that doesn’t nourish your heart and soul.

3) “I promise to make everyday my best day yet.”

To fulfill this promise you must make sure that you live everyday like it was your last. You don’t live with regrets and “should’ves”. Instead you seize every moment and cherish the memories.

Make yourself these three promises and your future self will thank you, for like those above, your heart will tune in and create pathways you never thought possible. All those tiny resolutions will fall into place effortlessly if you just make space for it by letting go and loving yourself.


22 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions…more harm than good?

  1. Thanks so much for dropping by and following my Brushes with Watercolour – much appreciated. Great site you have here and this is a great post – all very sound advice that I’m sure will serve you well in the year ahead!

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  2. I love your intentions for the New Year! Embracing and loving all parts of yourself… It’s one of my intentions everyday. Letting go. Period. For me it’s about the illusion that I am in control! Ha Ha. That one is hilarious and luckily life has been mostly kind in teaching me this lesson. And finally, everyday is the best day, ever. Yes. And, I’m working with this one. Remembering that everything that happens everyday is life working on my behalf. 😉

    Happy New Year!

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  3. Love these! Purposeful and actually achievable. What’s greatest about them is that working on these would actually guide us toward accomplishing those other, less introspective goals that we have too.


  4. There is such joy in growing isn’t there. As hard as it is the process helps us to learn and look back with healthy pride. I agree with your thoughts on making new year resolutions and how they often times hurt us or tend to make us feel like we may have failed. I love how the Bible talks about worrying about today with its sufficient problems and struggles. You are a masterpiece in the making so yes respect and love yourself, don’t get trapped in the cycle of negative and do your best each day. We are proud of you. Please keep sharing through your eyes so we too can learn.

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  5. Hi! Happy new year! You voiced my issue with annual resolutions perfectly! Moreover, I have found that as soon as I make my wish or a plan into a resolution, I self sabotage it! Thank you for following my blog and helping me discover yours! Here’s to a self-conscious year!

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  6. It might work for you if you really believe in it.
    I can personally relate only to the first one: love yourself. Well, nobody will ever understand better, know more or take better care of you than you. Definitely. I believe those who come from loving and honest families have no problem with this.
    I am already old enough (going 59) to be aware that regardless of any attempts, things happen not the way we want to. Accidents happen, misunderstandings happen, so it will never depend only on you whether this day is the best or not. Perception, attitude, that’s all fine, but when pain is so strong that you would do anything, including crawl up the wall or scream loud , or when due to some meds depression hits you hard, I find it hard to believe I’d ever see those days as the best ones.
    We don’t need to be either negative, or positive. I think realism is a good starting point. Honest, fair and optimistic realism. Assessing things and expectations realistically allows avoiding bad disappointments. I have met a lot of people who could be described more as positivists or negativists, but that sort of doesn’t change them being a good person or not. It’s way worse to pretend being extremely happy than honestly admit: I’m not ok at the moment. I think many people are missing this point, and that’s what causes troubles and doesn’t allow being in balance. Balance is the neutral position: it is neither minus, nor plus. Lots of things come our way, so we have to withstand tests and embrace joy.


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