So welcome to my blog…


I’m Kirsty, 17 years old, I enjoy Art Jounaling, Sports, playing the Piano and Flute,  SHOPPING, going out and watching lots of films. Sound pretty normal, Huh?

Well now I’ll tell you a bit about my recent experiences…
Here I go….Late last year I got diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.

Yes, yes I know what some of you are thinking, “she’s mad, mental, why don’t you just eat and stop being stupid”.

See this is the harsh stigma that surrounds what I can only explain as a cruel illness that suffocates its sufferers in guilt, shame and rigid routines.

Anyway I could sit here and explain to you what exactly it feels like to be controlled by Anorexia but instead I will just mention the damage it did to me.

On August 6th 2016 I got admitted to Luton and Dunstable children’s ward with a heart rate reaching as low as 33 bpm, hypothermia, breathing that would stop during the night and to top it all off the inability to walk. Now you might start taking me seriously as physical health is much easier to understand.

After two weeks of care in the general ward my condition was only worsening and the doctors told me I would have to go Inpatient at an Eating Disorders Unit. I remember the fear of being told this not knowing what to expect and images of locked doors and crazy patients screaming down the hospital flooded into my head. Yes in a away I had stigma towards mental illness just through scare stories I’ve read in the media and seen on TV… but it is nothing like how I imagined.

In these last few months I’ve spent in Huntercombe Hospital Cotswold Spa I have met some of the most amazing people from all backgrounds with similar struggles and started my long journey to recovery!

My blog is going to follow some of by greatest achievements, battles and just share general awareness for this often misunderstood disorder. And if i can inspire even just one person to reach out for help then that is good enough for me! Please look out for my future posts and I hope you enjoy reading!!


170 thoughts on “So welcome to my blog…

  1. You certainly are an inspiration. It is ignorance that causes people to judge what they don’t want to understand. Being paralyzed with many complications, I understand what that’s like.

    Your transparency and courage to share your innermost feelings and your life on your blog will save lives. Of this I am sure. Thank you for following me. Otherwise, I would never have had the privilege of meeting you and following your story.

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      1. Your reply is sweet music to me, Nancy J. Do you wonder if the sharing is more about experience (which of course comes with age) than about the amount of time we have lived? I was born in 1953, and yet I typically feel like I’m just beginning. I’m very glad to make your acquaintance. ❤


  2. Thank you for the follow and please try not to be affected by the stigma of mental illness. It has been part of my life for so long and yet I have achieved almost everything I want in life, traveling most of the world and publishing a book. I love your blog and how well you describe your life.

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  3. I took a little look around your blog and how brave you are! I have struggled with an eating disorder off and on since puberty but nothing to the extent you have experienced. I understand the agony and the need to control what I ate and still do to a point. I now eat two meals a day and don’t keep an obsessive list of what I ate for the day. I still have the fear of weight gain and watch what I eat but nothing like I use to. Blessings to you and your journey to health! 🙂

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  4. Anorexia is a horrible illness. I have walked through this with a friend and it was awful to see the effect on her and how it held her back from living a full life. BUT she got through it and has been at a healthy weight for a while now. Cheering you on for your journey. I’m glad you’re writing about it. It’s important to help other people understand and I’m sure it will be therapeutic for you too.

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  5. Hi Kirsty. Great to meet you. I judge nobody we are all coping with our lives the best we can. May I wish you every success in your journey. Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things paranormal conspiracy theories and observing life around me. Writing a passion that keeps me sane alive! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  6. Bravo Girl. I admire your courage. I am so glad I came across you and your journey. This is exactly what my doctor told me, after I overcame log term depression of 15 years. That even if I make a difference to just one person it’s enough for my life. But now so many have begun to follow on my Face Book pages and my blog !!!
    I am so glad you are on the way up in recovering. As human beings we have so much of medical help as well as information for us to help ourselves too. Still it’s we who need to make that effort to become well. Looking forward to keeping up with your journey of wellness. I wish you the Very Best of Luck. Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies coming your way 🙂 ❤

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  7. Hey kirsty..thank you for stopping at my blog. Because of it i am happy that i came to know about and much more happy that you’ve got the courage to write about it. I am a psychology student and can completely relate with what all you have written.
    Best of luck and keep writing!!!

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  8. Hi! What a lovely blog! Thanks for following mine! If you are interested, I work in Blog Design for free, so if you ever want one, I would be more than happy to do it! BTW, keep fighting it! You are a great inspiration!


      1. Well, I know how to do it, but I would have to mess around myself to get it right and I have a very hard time explaining things… So in my own opinion, I think I should do it. But it’s whatever you think…


  9. Hi, Kirsty. Thanks for the follow. I can relate to much of what you speak of, and yet so much is new to me. Blogging helped me to deal with my depression, and I hope you find it therapeutic as well. You are an inspiration!
    Maggie C


  10. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch. I wish you all the best in overcoming your condition. I’m sure blogging will help and you’ll have a community here to cheer you on and send comfort when you need it. Kia Kaha — stand strong.


  11. Kirsty, I think your blog willl be informative and inspirational to so many young women. Thanks for following mine – I hope I can entertain you, if nothing else. There is a shout out to your blog n a post later today.


  12. Hey there Kirsty! Thank you for following our blog! We do hope (and we know you can! :))that you will raise the awareness needed by people nowadays. We maybe from different corner of universe but always remember that there are a lot of people that will inspire you, and you will inspire them, too! :). Spread the love, and thanks again for following us!


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  14. I am so sorry that this is happening to you and sorry for the way people view it and react to it. You are beautiful! and you’re beautiful to write about it. That takes great strength and courage. I wish you luck and I thank you for having an interest in my blog. I really look forward to reading more of your story and I hope things are getting better!


  15. Fascinating blog on a very sensitive topic.
    I wish you all the strength and courage you need to survive, to triumph over this illness, and to help others do the same.
    Good luck and hugs


  16. Hi Kirsty – thank you for following my own blog, SatisWrites. You have an impressive page here, and a lot to share about your experiences; keep it up! Mental health issues are serious, and while I’m sure you know this, you aren’t alone. I’m glad you found WordPress – it’s one of the most supportive communities I know online. Be well, and I look forward to reading more of your blog!


  17. Kirsty, thank you so much for your bravery in sharing you and your insight with us. You truly have a story for all to hear. Your candidness and gentleness is refreshing. Please continue letting us see the world through your eyes.


  18. Your story is very touching, not only for what you have gone through, but also for the courage you have to face life head-on and do something about it. We were just in the Cotswolds this past December — our first trip. And what a beautiful part of the world it is. Best wishes on healing and getting back into the mainstream. And thanks for following our blog, Oh, the Places We See.


  19. Wow, your journey is intense. I am so thankful you made it out alive!

    A word of encouragement for you on people who don’t understand: Those aren’t your people. They don’t understand because they decide they don’t want to. Whether it is because they are scared or projecting some sort of pain they deal with, it doesn’t matter. Just because some people are blind to the truth doesn’t make it any less factual. ❤


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